Before Dental Implant Surgery: What to Expect and What to Do

Dental ImplantWhile many people are hesitant to have dental implants, many who received the treatment were surprised at how relatively easy and simple the operation is. If you are receiving an implant soon, it may be helpful to have an idea of what to do and what to expect before the surgery. Here is some helpful information for you:


Before the surgery, your mouth will need to undergo a thorough evaluation. This should help your dentist see if you are a good candidate to receive the implant. At the same time, this should help determine the ideal treatment plan to follow.

You will have a comprehensive dental exam. This includes taking dental X-rays and creating models of your teeth and mouth. The dentist will also prepare a procedure plan according to various factors, such as your jawbone health and the number of teeth to be replaced.

In many cases, your attending dentist may work with other dental specialists to ensure a smooth and successful implant surgery. They may consult with oral and maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists.

According to Dee Kay Dental and clinics offering dental implant treatment, other procedures may be performed as well. These include bone smoothing and reshaping, removal of excess gum tissue, and extraction of impacted teeth.

Do your part

It is important to work closely with your dentist to ensure a successful operation. Let them know about any illness or condition you have, as well as the medications you are taking and treatments you are undergoing. Tell them if you have heart conditions, orthopaedic implants or any allergies.

Plan how you would rest after the procedure. While you may return to work the day after, make sure you do not have anything strenuous planned on the following days. Pain and swelling due to the surgery may last for at least a week, so you must give yourself some time to rest and recover.

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It is completely difficult to stay calm before the surgery, but with the right choice of sedation, you will be fine. In addition, your dentist will take good care of you so there is nothing to worry about.

Consult with your dentist for more information on your upcoming dental implant surgery.