Choosing the Best Venue for Your Event

Excellent Venue for Event in North BrisbaneThere is nothing more important in planning an event than choosing the right venue. Of course, the food and entertainment are also crucial, but the venue influences the experience of your guests the most.

With so many function rooms in North Brisbane, it can be a challenge to pick the right venue. Don’t worry. Here are six things you need to look for when selecting an event venue.


Choose a venue that is most convenient to everybody. If guests are flying in, consider a location near the airport or their hotels. If all guests are staying in one hotel, host the event in that hotel.


For obvious reasons, you can’t choose a venue with a 250-person capacity if you are expecting 500 guests. It’s only logical to expect a larger crowd to avoid seating shortages, but it will still depend on the kind of event you are throwing. You want to make sure your guests can fit in comfortably inside your venue, not squeeze them in.

Services and Amenities

You may want to look for a venue that provides catering for your event, as well as audio-visual equipment you can use. Some venues also offer additional facilities and services, such as huge parking lots and a setup and cleanup crew.


This is more subjective, but you have to make sure that the atmosphere of the venue fits with the type of event you’re holding. It may fall on the event planner’s hand but to make sure, give them something they can work on. Consider the building’s architecture and any existing décor.


It goes without saying but venues should have accessibility features for people with special needs. If your guests are moms and babies, the venue must have diaper changing stations. Also, consider renting a place with ramps and elevators for the elderly and persons with disabilities.


Security is an often overlooked aspect of event planning, but your guests will be thankful if you pay attention to their security needs. Check to make sure the venue has a team of qualified security personnel for the event and security features that keep party crashers out.

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There are plenty of considerations when choosing an event venue. If you want to ensure the success of your event, you need to go over these thoroughly and carefully before choosing the perfect venue.