Restoring your broken smile

Woman with BracesYour teeth can be one of your great assets and also one of your biggest problems, especially as you get older. When your teeth are naturally strong and healthy you can enjoy eating all your favourite foods, talking clearly and feeling confident in your appearance. When things go wrong with your teeth you may find that you have to give up eating certain foods such as apples, your speech may be affected and your self-confidence may also be dented.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth you may want to have it replaced with a dental implant, but you may find that your dentist recommends that you have braces to straighten your remaining teeth before the implants are placed. This may seem rather strange but it makes complete sense if you understand what happens to your teeth when some of them are lost.

Without the support of every individual tooth, your remaining teeth may start to move. Very often the teeth on either side of a gap may start to move or even rotate, leaving insufficient space for a dental implant to be placed. In circumstances such as this some dentists such as Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes can provide both orthodontic and dental implant treatments with their in-house team.

Dental implants to fix a brace

Dental implants are proving to be a valuable addition to the dental tool-kit and dentists have found a variety of ways to use them. Not only are they effective as a way of restoring the function and appearance of your teeth, helping to support the integrity of a jaw and your facial features. One very new way of using dental implants is to allow an orthodontist to use them to fix braces in place if you have lost a number of teeth which mean that braces cannot be fixed to work in the normal way.

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Your natural teeth move when pressure is applied to them, but dental implants are different and will not move when pressure is applied to them, this allows your dentist to use them as an effective anchor on which to fix a brace and straighten your teeth in ways that were previously not possible.