Space Maintainers: Who Needs Them?

A Gap Toothed Man So let’s say your orthodontist suggested you check out space maintainers. By that, he or she suggests you could use these things. Is it a good thing? Or, does the news of needing space maintainers sound like bad news?

Space Maintainers = A Thumbs Up

When your orthodontist said you could use space maintainers, he did not pass on bad news. Rather, your orthodontist wants the best turnaround for you – and your teeth. Usually, these maintainers are tools of the trade when it comes to premature tooth loss.

What Are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are appliances that your orthodontist custom-makes especially for you. Usually, to make space maintainers, your orthodontist will fish for a metal material, stainless steel, plastic, or acrylic in orthodontic laboratories. Then, he will design these things to either be removable or be fixed.

Did you know that premature tooth loss could lead to the permanent closing of a space in your mouth? It could! Well, it could only if you do not let space maintainers come to the rescue.

Talk about the Types, Please

One type of space maintainers is the fixed maintainer. As its name suggests, your orthodontist sets it on sides where you can find spaces in your mouth. It comes in four kinds: crown and loop space maintainers, lingual space maintainers, distal shoe space maintainers, and unilateral space maintainers.

A removable space maintainer is the other type. Have you seen a standard retainer? A space maintainer looks a lot like a retainer. Usually, your orthodontist will ditch the other stuff in his lab to make it using acrylic.

Maintenance for the Maintainers

A bothersome fact about space maintainers is you could accidentally swallow them. Your maintainers feature a band. And, if that band loosens or gets caught in the wires, you’re in trouble. The bad thing is you could ingest the maintainers.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t worry too much about accidentally ingesting space maintainers. If you keep in mind some maintenance tips, you should be okay. Just remember to brush your teeth regularly. Stay away from sticky foods, too.